I am a researcher in psycholinguistics. My research focusses on lexical representation and morphological processing in native and non-native speakers.
The theoretical background for my work concerns the debate between symbolic and associative models of linguistic representation, as well as with the role of maturational factors in language acquisition.

I work as a postdoctoral researcher at the
Potsdam Research Institute for Multilingualism of the University of Potsdam, Germany.

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Recent publications
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  • Veríssimo, J., Heyer, V., Jacob, G., & Clahsen, H. (in press). Selective effects of age of acquisition on morphological priming: Evidence for a sensitive period. Language Acquisition.
  • Farhy, Y., Veríssimo, J., & Clahsen, H. (in press). Universal and particular in morphological processing: Evidence from Hebrew. Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology.
  • Jacob, G., Heyer, V., & Veríssimo, J. (in press). Aiming at the same target: A masked priming study directly comparing derivation and inflection in the second language. Int. J. Biling.