João Veríssimo

I'm a researcher in psycholinguistics. My research focuses on how complex words are mentally represented, processed, and learned by monolingual and bilingual speakers. The main theoretical topics I address with my work are (a) the development and comparison of formal and computational models of the mental lexicon, and (b) the role of age of acquisition as a source of contrasts between native and second language speakers.

I work as a postdoctoral researcher and lecturer at the Potsdam Research Institute for Multilingualism of the University of Potsdam, Germany.

I am also a statistical advisor for Bilingualism: Language and Cognition.

Find a full and updated CV here. And please contact me by email, if you have any questions.

Most recent publications (click here for a full list)

  • Farhy, Y., & Veríssimo, J. (in press). Semantic effects in morphological priming: The case of Hebrew stems. Language and Speech.
  • Jessen, A., Veríssimo, J., & Clahsen, H. (in press). Variability and consistency in late bilinguals’ morphology: An ERP production study. The Mental Lexicon.
  • Pliatsikas, C.*, Veríssimo, J.*, Babcock, L., Pullman, M. Y., Glei, D. A., . . . & Ullman, M. T. (2018, online). Working memory in older adults declines with age, but is modulated by sex and education. Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology. [*equal contribution]
  • Farhy, Y., Veríssimo, J., & Clahsen, H. (2018, online). Do late bilinguals access pure morphology during word recognition? A masked priming study on Hebrew as a second language. Bilingualism: Language and Cognition.
  • Veríssimo, J. (2018, online). Sensitive periods in both L1 and L2: Some conceptual and methodological suggestions [Commentary on Mayberry & Kluender, 2017]. Bilingualism: Language and Cognition.
  • Veríssimo, J., Heyer, V., Jacob, G., & Clahsen, H. (2018). Selective effects of age of acquisition on morphological priming: Evidence for a sensitive period. Language Acquisition, 25, 315–326. [pdf]
  • Farhy, Y., Veríssimo, J., & Clahsen, H. (2018). Universal and particular in morphological processing: Evidence from Hebrew. QJEP, 71, 1125–1133.
  • Jacob, G., Heyer, V., & Veríssimo, J. (2017, online). Aiming at the same target: A masked priming study directly comparing derivation and inflection in the second language. International Journal of Bilingualism.